Broad Spectrum (THC Free)

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Similar to full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum contains the full range of phytochemicals found in the hemp plant.  The main difference is there is 0.0% THC.  This can be achieved either during the extraction process, or by combining CBD isolate with other isolated cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. 

With broad spectrum CBD you get the full effects and benefits of the entourage effect, without the THC.  The complete spectrum of cannabinoids is still present.

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Broad Spectrum CBD FAQ

  1. What is CBD broad spectrum?  Broad spectrum CBD is a hemp extract, that contains all the phytochemicals, flavonoids and terpenes from the plant itself.  It does not contains THC.  So if you ever wondered what does broad spectrum CBD mean, that is the most basic definition.
  2. CBD full spectrum vs broad spectrum? That is a personal choice.  Both are extracted from the hemp plant.  They each contain all the phytochemicals, flavonoids and terpenes, giving the individual the benefit of the entourage effect.  Full spectrum CBD contains up to 0.3% THC, by U.S. law, while broad spectrum CBD has zero THC.
  3. Can broad spectrum CBD cause positive drug test? Technically no.  We answered the does broad spectrum CBD oil have THC question above.  Realistically, you need to be careful with the brand and quality CBD oil you buy online, as some brands state they are THC free, and unfortunately are not.  By definition, there is zero THC contained in broad spectrum CBD oil, only if you buy a quality brand.
  4. Can I drop broad spectrum CBD under my tongue?  The dosage and application process is completely up to you. It is recommended to be taken sublingually, but there are many other ways to consume.  You can add to your coffee, tea, cookies, salad dressing.  Use your imagination.  The dosage depends on the user.  If new to CBD, follow the manufacturers instructions until you know how your body will respond.
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For more information on CBD (Cannabidiol), take a look at the knowledgeable article from Harvard University.