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In our never-ending quest to bring you the best brands in the CBD industry, we often rely on our clients who buy CBD online from The CBD Haven to find a new reliable brand to carry on our CBD platform. After all, it is the actual CBD users that try out a brand and either love it, or don’t care for it too much.

In recent months, no other CBD brand has come up more in our client discussions than Social CBD. People simply love their products. They also love the fact that the entire Social CBD line is THC free.

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New to CBD oil and wondering what is the best CBD oil? You’re not alone. This is probably the most common question we get. With how easy it is to buy CBD online and having it shipped to your front door, there are new users daily trying to answer to same question.

To be perfectly honest, if we could give you a truthful straight answer we would be writing this blog on our company yacht, while a gentleman named Jeeves has taken the company chopper to the island for some Kona coffee. We’d be that rich!

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By now you’ve heard all about how CBD can change your life for the better. Your grandma, your neighbor, even your neighbors’ dog is on a CBD daily wellness plan. You can easily buy CBD online. There’s a reason hemp extracted cannabidiol oil is market is projected to be a $20 billion industry by 2024. In the United States alone.

You become curious, but hesitant.

Why wouldn’t you be, after all CBD comes from the cannabis plant.

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A lot. Next question.

All joking aside, this is a question that comes up fairly regularly, especially as the CBD market is growing in popularity. There are new consumers of CBD daily. With how easy it is to buy CBD online, not everyone does their research before placing an order.

This is why we strongly believe blogs like this are important, to help educate the consumer.

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At The CBD Haven, we like to consider ourselves connoisseurs of fine CBD. To us, looking for quality products, from reliable brands who deliver exactly what they promise is magical. Like a treasure hunt.

So if you’re looking to buy CBD online, check out our carefully chosen selection of premium brands, and best-selling products.

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