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Extract Labs emphasizes its commitment to delivering top-tier, ultra-pure CBD offerings at unmatched prices, a pledge they uphold by managing the entire production process internally.

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The narrative of Extract Labs CBD is deeply rooted in its founder's journey. Combat veteran Craig Henderson, after serving in Iraq, grew a keen interest in the therapeutic potentials of cannabis. Although early findings were encouraging, the mind-altering effects posed challenges, guiding him towards the discovery of CBD.

Observing the positive impacts of CBD within the veteran community ignited Craig's passion to craft products accessible to all. Starting modestly in a humble corner of his garage with just the essentials, Craig embarked on the journey of transforming hemp into oil. This endeavor laid the foundation for what would soon become ExtractLabs.

Currently, Extract Labs boasts a team of around 50 professionals and operates out of two dedicated facilities: one focused on hemp processing and the other on advanced refinement and holistic business functions.

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Extract Labs CBD FAQ

  1. Is Extract Labs Legit? Undeniably reputable, Extract Labs stands as a frontrunner in the CBD realm. With its headquarters in Boulder, CO, this veteran-owned US enterprise exemplifies industry leadership.
  2. Is Extract Labs CBD Full Spectrum? Indeed, but Extract Labs doesn't stop there. They also present a range of Broad Spectrum and CBD Isolate tinctures. Always refer to the label to determine the specific product type you're considering.
  3. Are Extract Labs products made in the USA from US Hemp? Absolutely. Extract Labs is a proud Veteran-owned establishment, producing all of its CBD products in the United States, sourced from domestically grown hemp.
  4. Where to buy Extract Labs? These exceptional products aren't available at mainstream stores like Target, Whole Foods, or Walmart. For your CBD needs online, explore our curated collection. If you're searching for "Extract Labs CBD near me", you're already in the right place. We provide swift, complimentary shipping across all 50 U.S. states for online purchases.
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Extract Labs CBD Mission

As Extract Labs continues its growth trajectory, the foundational belief in the transformative power of CBD remains unshaken. This conviction led to their collaboration with CSU to fund research into CBD's impact on canine glioma cells. Their commitment to the community is further evident in their discount programs for those in need and their dedication to exploring the potential health benefits of other minor cannabinoids.

Delving into customer feedback and social media narratives, tales of challenges and recovery resonate. These stories not only echo the founder's primary mission but also underline Extract CBD's collective commitment to making plant-based wellness universally attainable.

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