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CBD Softgels FAQ

1. Do CBD Softgels work? Depends on what you take them for. Some people use to help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, improve sleep, or lessen pain. There have been no definitive studies that proves it's effectiveness, however many people have seen the benefits and incorporated cannadibiol into daily use.

2. How do you take CBD softgels? Take 1 softgel orally 1-2 times per day. Individual results may vary. Adjust dosage as you deem necessary.

3. How long does CBD softgel take to work? Typically it takes 1 to 2 hours for the capsules to start working. Individual results may vary.

4. Benefits of CBD softgels - Users take best CBD softgels for anxiety, pain, sleep, inflammation, or a various amounts of other benefits. These have not been evaluated or endorsed by the FDA. Do you research before trying. However the 30mg full spectrum CBD infused softgels are relatively safe to consume.

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