CBD Candles

CBD Candles

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Why CBD Candles?

CBD has been known to promote a sense of calm and support overall health and well-being. CBD candles were designed to help maintain balance while leaving your home smelling extraordinary. The warm candle wax can be used as a massage oil or gently rubbed on rough areas like a lotion. Along with the benefits of CBD, you’ll experience the benefits of soy, which is rich in vitamins and hydrating for skin.

Each of the CBD candles contain naturally occurring CBD to ensure you can receive the full benefits CBD oil has to offer.

Our Selection

  1. Relive Everyday - CBD Candle - Sugar Cookie
  2. Relive Everyday - CBD Candle - Sparkling Lights

Safety Precautions:

Always burn candle within sight. Never burn candle on or near objects that can catch fire, and never burn on wet or unstable surfaces. Keep candle out of reach for children and pets. Keep lit candles away from drafts and all other air currents. Do not touch or move candle while lit, or while wax is not hardened. Do not burn candle for more than 4 hours at a time. Stop burning candle when only ¼ inch (6mm) of wax remains in jar. Do not extinguish fire with candle lid or water.