Simple Leaf Review

Simple Leaf Review

Introducing Simple Leaf. The newest CBD brand to join The CBD Haven family. Concentrating in CBD Isolate capsules that are specially formulated, this brand takes a new approach to CBD. CBD With Purpose.

While a vast majority of CBD brands offer general use CBD products, these guys wanted to take a different approach. They saw an opportunity to create carefully crafted cannabidiol formulas, along with other proven ingredients that are hyper-targeted to address the primary reasons why people turn to CBD.

Simple Leaf Capsules Mood Boost

This is what makes Simple Leaf unique in a marketplace where you can easily buy CBD oil online.

Let’s also keep in mind that all Simple Leaf CBD products are THC free. They only use pure CBD Isolate and lab testing shows zero detectable THC. If you’re interested, you can find all of the lab tests.

Just click the link for all the Simple Leaf Certificates of Analysis.

Finally, what really sets Simple Leaf apart is their product selection. In a crowded CBD market that’s projected to be worth $108.8 globally by 2027, most brands are developing new products that contain CBD.

You can now get just about anything with cannabidiol extract. There are oils & tinctures, gummies, creams, sprays just to name a few. You can get a CBD shampoo, bath bomb, face cream, dog treat, cookies, coffee, and many more we can’t even name yet.

As opposed to creating a plethora of various CBD products, Simple Leaf is keeping it simple. These guys specialize in CBD capsules only.

Simple Leaf Capsules Promo

That’s kind of oversimplifying it. They offer a CBD Bath Bomb as well.

The main product line, however, is all about CBD capsules.

The unique feature of their capsules is that they contain a lot more than just CBD. Each one of their capsule types contains scientifically tested active ingredients, on top of the CBD isolate.

This is the reason why Simple Leaf states they are a company that produces CBD with Purpose.

They spent time finding out what you care most about when it comes to your health and fitness. Simple Leaf then turned to cutting-edge science and research, to create products that can potentially give you the results you were looking for.

Free from additives, artificial colors, and GMO nasties.

Pure ingredients, thoughtful formulations, and careful production mean people can trust that these products will work in the ways they need them to.

The highest quality organic CBD paired with clinically studied ingredients to provide next level benefits for your entire body.  Everything in Simple Leaf proprietary formulas serves an essential purpose, and every ingredient is sourced for purity, efficacy, and safety.

Let’s take a look at their product offering and what makes each special.

  1. Simple Leaf Mood Boost CBD Capsules

  2. Simple Leaf Sleep Support CBD Capsules

  3. Simple Leaf Pain Relief CBD + CBG Capsules

  4. Simple Leaf Muscle + Joint CBD Capsules

  5. Simple Leaf Immune Boost CBD Capsules

  6. Simple Leaf Focus and Energy CBD Capsules

  7. Simple Leaf CBG Capsules

Ready for a closer look? You'll see why we at The CBD Haven are excited to have these guys on board.

Simple Leaf Mood Boost CBD Capsules

What is Simple Leaf Mood Boost CBD Capsules you ask? Well, it’s a capsule that contains a total of 7 ingredients, some clinically proven to promote calmness and reduce stress.

Simple Leaf CBD Mood Boost Capsules Bottle

Those ingredients are: CBD Isolate, Chamomile, Rhodiola Rosea, Bacopa Monnieri, Cop-Choline, Sulbutiamine, Vitamin B-12.

This unique blend of CBD, vitamins, adaptogens, and natural herbs is non-psychoactive and specifically targeted to potentially activate your body’s natural abilities to lift your mood and activate your body’s natural abilities to feel calmer.

Simple Leaf Sleep Support CBD Capsules

We all need good slumber in our life. That’s why there are Simple Leaf Sleep Support CBD Capsules.

This formula includes a total of 5 ingredients, some which have been studied and aid in potentially helping with sleep problems.

Simple Leaf CBD Sleep Support Capsules Bottle

These ingredients include, CBD Isolate, Hemp Extracts, Ashwagandha, Chamomile, and Melatonin. 

By now most people know that melatonin is partly responsible for quality rest in the human body, but with the addition of chamomile to help promote a calm mind, this one certainly one worth a try.

Simple Leaf Pain Relief CBD + CBG Capsules

If you have suffered from joint discomfort or inflammation, you will be familiar with most of the ingredients on this list. Besides CBD and CBG, a minor cannabinoid found in the hemp plant, this capsule includes five additional ingredients.

Simple Leaf CBD + CBG Pain Relief Capsules Bottle

They include such joint health promoting and inflammation fighting compounds as Turmeric Curcumin, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Acai and Bioperine.

That’s quite a collection.

Simple Leaf Muscle + Joint CBD Capsules

Rough day at the gym? Simple Leaf CBD has you covered.

These convenient CBD Capsules are specially formulated with premium organic THC-Free CBD Isolate, along with a special blend of supplements geared towards helping you recover from exercise-induced inflammation and support for your joints.

Simple Leaf CBD Muscle + Joint Capsules Bottle

Those additional ingredients include Acai Berry Powder, Glucosamine, Turmeric Curcumin 95%, Arnica Powder, and Quercetin.

That’s quite a powerhouse that you should add to your daily workout regimen.

Simple Leaf Immune Boost CBD Capsules

We’ve all heard a lot about our immune systems in the last year. By now, everyone knows the importance of having a healthy and vivid immune response. This is where Simple Leaf Immune Boost comes in.

Simple Leaf Immune Boost CBD Capsules Bottle

Along with CBD, these capsules include a total of 12 ingredients. They are, Elderberry, Acai, Echinacea, Garlic, Beetroot, Cordyceps, Turmeric Curcumin, Bioperine, Zinc, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D-3.

All, packed into a capsule.

Imagine taking all these supplements on their own.

Simple Leaf Focus and Energy CBD Capsules

It was a rough year. In what we all hope is the beginning of the new “normal”, people are learning to adapt back into society. Some may need a little help with Focus & Energy. That’s where these guys come in.

Simple Leaf CBD Focus and Energy Capsules Bottle

What’s in Simple Leaf Focus and Energy Capsules you ask? Besides CBD Isolate, these CBD pills contain Choline, 5-HTP, Alpha-GPC, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Forskolin, and Artichoke Extract.

By balancing these potentially powerful nootropics in one capsule, they may help you keep on task and promote mental clarity.

Simple Leaf CBG Capsules

Sometimes, you just want one simple ingredient. That’s where Simple Leaf CBG Capsules come in.

These capsules contain only one active ingredient. Hemp Cannabigerol Isolate.

Simple Leaf CBG Capsules Bottle

Why not? CBG is currently being studied for a large number of benefits. If you want to learn more, check out our CBG Blog.

We hope by now you can see why when Simple Leaf says CBD With Purpose, they mean it. This is not a pure CBD company.

This is a company that uses the proven benefits of compounds that have been studied for ages, and adds CBD, which is only now beginning to be studied.

The combination can prove to be something that may potentially drastically improve your life.

With all these capsules being made in a FDA Registered Facility, along with pure ingredients and organic CBD Isolate, why wouldn’t you give them a try.

Sometimes, a natural alternative is the best option.