CBD Cream for Muscle & Joint - Cooling

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CBD Cream for Muscle & Joint - Cooling 

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CBDfx CBD Muscle & Joint Cream is formulated to address chronic discomfort in both deep tissue and joints. It combines organic broad-spectrum CBD with a select blend of calming menthol and natural analgesics, such as white willow bark and caffeine, to provide soothing relief.

For athletes or individuals with occasional discomfort, our CBD cream can be a helpful addition to a training regimen or medicine collection.

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  • Broad spectrum CBD
  • White willow bark & caffeine for natural relief
  • Menthol for cooling relief
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • ND-THC

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Directions for Best Results

As with any CBD topical product, simply rub the cream into the area affected by discomfort. Depending on the size of the area in need of relief, use a dime to quarter-sized portion of CBD cream for application. Ensure adequate coverage of the area affected by discomfort by massaging the cream into the skin.

It typically only takes 10-20 minutes for this topical CBD cream to begin providing desired effect. Its non-toxicity makes it safe to use multiple times a day, for optimal results it's recommended to be reapplied three or four times a day.

The Benefits of CBD Cream for Muscle & Joint

CBDfx CBD Cream For Muscle & Joint - Cooling, features a unique combination of broad spectrum CBD, extracted from pure, organic hemp, and multiple natural pain relievers, CBDfx Cream For Muscle & Joint - Cooling Formula is designed to quickly soothe your muscles and joints without leaving a greasy residue.

This CBD cream is fortified with white willow bark, caffeine, and menthol and is available in 1000mg and 3000mg CBD potencies. It provides an effective, natural, and chemical-free alternative to sports creams, which often contain unhelpful additives.

CBDfx Cream for Muscle & Joint - Cooling Formula is ideal for any medical supply closet and pre-workout routine. In fact, it recently earned a spot on Healthline's list of Best CBD Creams for Relief!

How Do CBD Creams & Topical Products Work?

Cannabidiol in CBD topical products, such as CBDfx Cream for Muscle and Joint: Cooling Formula, is absorbed through the skin differently than other CBD products, like edibles and vape oils, which are absorbed via the bloodstream before ultimately reaching the endocannabinoid system.

CBDfx CBD Cream for Muscle and Joint is a water-based topical and is designed to penetrate the skin's different layers and target the areas experiencing discomfort. In order to receive its long-lasting relief effects, apply the cream into the affected area and massage gently.

Other Natural Ingredients in CBDfx CBD Cream

CBDfx CBD cream is composed of natural ingredients, vegan-friendly and ethically-sourced. Its prime components are broad spectrum CBD, white willow bark, caffeine and menthol. 

White willow bark has long been utilized for its analgesic properties, with salicin serving as its active constituent. Salicin is metabolized to salicylic acid, which then acts to decrease levels of compounds associated with musculoskeletal pain. Salicylic acid is notably the primary component of aspirin.

Caffeine is widely recognized as a potent energy booster, yet its impressive ability to alleviate pain and discomfort also sets it apart. Similarly, menthol serves as an effective counterirritant.

Known for its unique 'cool-to-warm' sensation on the skin, menthol efficiently distracts its users from experiencing more profound discomfort, particularly in the muscles and joints.

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