Immune Gut Health Capsules

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Elixinol Immune Gut Health Capsules

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Elixinol Immune Gut Health Capsules. A healthy immune system starts with a healthy gut. Immune Gut Health CBD capsules feature Ginfort™, a concentrated ginger extract, to promote a healthy immune system.

Ginfort™ is a breakthrough ingredient with 13 times more ginger actives than traditional ginger powders. And it has all of ginger’s antioxidant and immune support properties. Take care of your gut, take care of yourself and your immune health.

Elixinol Immune Gut Health Capsules

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  • CBD may support a healthy immune system
  • 15mg CBD per capsule supports a healthy immune system
  • 200mg Ginfort™ per capsule
  • Ginger supports your immune system too, with antioxidant properties
  • Ginfort™ has been clinically tested to support healthy digestion
  • Serving suggestion: 1 capsule twice daily with food.

Ginfort is a trademark of Olene Life Sciences Private Limited. Dolcas Biotech LLC is the exclusive licensee of GinFort™.

Quality Lab Tested for Purity. Check out Elixinol Certificates of Analysis.

Elixinol Immune Gut Health Capsules offer a unique combination of full-spectrum hemp extract and Ginfort’s concentrated ginger actives supports gut health, where about 80% of your immune system lives.

Your gut is your first line of support — crucial in maintaining a healthy balance in the body. Ginger has been used for wellness and dietary purposes for centuries, and its antioxidant properties are well known.