CBG what is it?

CBG what is it?

With the meteoric rise in CBD popularity lately, it seems like everyone is giving it a try. Why not? CBD seems to offer an incredible number of natural benefits, including assisting with angst and worry, slumber issues, discomfort management and inflammation to name a few.

It is extremely easy to buy CBD online, so there’s really no reason not to give it a try.

Recently however, a different cannabinoid has been gaining in popularity across the globe. CBG, a cousin of CBD, has been showing up from more and more brands. With good reason too, as it does offer the user a lot of benefits as well, especially when combined with other cannabinoids and producing the entourage effect. 

So, we wanted to take some time and get into more details about CBG. 

Especially since it is becoming even easier to buy CBG online, from a reputable online CBD store, and a quality brand.

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The topics we will cover are:

  1. What does CBG stand for?

  2. CBG what is it?

  3. What does CBG do?

  4. Does CBD contain CBG?

  5. Does CBG get you high?

  6. Is CBG legal?

  7. Where to buy CBG oils?

Lots to cover here, so grab your CBD coffee and let’s get started.

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What does CBG stand for?

    This will be the simplest question answered here. According to Wikipedia, the CBG acronym stands for cannabigerol. See what we mean. Easy.

    CBG what is it?

      What is CBG you ask? Like its cousin CBD, CBG is one of over 100 currently known cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. 

      Let’s keep in mind there are 2 main varieties of the cannabis plant, marijuana and hemp. For the purpose of our blog the most important difference between the two is the THC content. 

      By definition, a hemp plant is a type of cannabis plant whose THC content is 0.3% or less. The marijuana type will contain a minimum of 0.4% THC, but usually a much higher content.

      If you’re looking to order CBG online from The CBD Haven, you will only be able to get the hemp extracted CBG. That is what is legal in all 50 United States, without going to a dispensary and or getting a medical marijuana card.

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      So to finish defining CBG, it is the non-acidic form of cannabigerolic acid, which is called the parent molecule, due to the fact that during the hemp plant growth, majority of the cannabigerol is converted into other cannabinoids. Such as CBD.

      What does CBG do? CBG benefits.

        CBG, as well as all of the cannabinoids found in hemp plants, works with the endocannabinoid system inside our bodies and help to promote homeostasis, or a balance of many bodily systems. 

        Fitness Balancing

        Cannabinoids are known to act with the two types of cannabinoid receptors found in the ECS (endocannabinoid system). They are CB1 and CB2. CBG has been discovered to act as a low-affinity CB1 antagonist, meaning it can reduce the receptors response by partially binding with it and blocking it.

        What are the benefits of CBG? Well, according to our friends at Leafly, CBG’s potential benefits include:

        • Treatment of glaucoma
        • Decreased inflammation characteristic of inflammatory bowel disease
        • Protecting neurons in mice with Huntington’s disease
        • Great promise in treatment of cancer, specifically blocking receptors that cause cancer cell growth.
        • Effective antibacterial agent, specifically against MRSA strains resistant to certain classes of drugs
        • Appetite stimulant
        • Potential tool in preventing bladder dysfunction disorders

        Considering there has been almost no major CBG research done on hemp cannabigerol, what has been found is extremely exciting. If we continue studying CBG and additional cannabinoids, who knows what we may find.

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        Does CBD contain CBG? 

          This one is a bit tricky. Does CBD contain CBG? Technically no, but practically sometimes. 

          Here’s what we mean. CBD as a cannabinoid does not contain CBG. CBD is the cousin of CBG. Therefore, CBD by itself, such as CBD isolate does not contain CBG.

          When you want to buy CBG online from The CBD Haven, take into consideration we offer the following varieties of cannabinoids:

          1. Full Spectrum CBD
          2. Broad Spectrum CBD
          3. CBD Isolate
          4. CBD & CBG

          If you purchase CBD isolate online, you will have no CBG present, as you’re only buying CBD.

          However, if you purchase full spectrum CBD online, or broad spectrum CBD, both CBD tinctures contain the wide spectrum of cannabinoids, including CBG. Although to be fair, the amounts are very miniscule.

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          Therefore, if you’re truly looking to get the benefits of CBG as opposed to CBD, take a look at our selection of CBG online. These products have a much higher concentration of CBG, and you will be able to reap the full benefits.

          We understand this can be confusing but hope this clarified the distinction at least a little bit. If you want to learn more about cannabinoids and the brands we carry, please check out Our CBD Blog.

          Does CBG get you high? 

            Nope. Not even a bit. THC gets you high. CBG is a cousin cannabinoid of THC. CBG on its own, will not get you high.  

            Does CBG show up on a drug test? Not unless you specifically test for it. THC is what shows up on a drug test. 

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            Is CBG legal?

              Hemp extracted CBG is 100% legal in all 50 U.S. states, as per The Farm Act of 2018. This is why as of 2018 you see how popular CBG and other cannabinoids have gotten. It is also legal to buy CBG online. Just make sure you buy from a reputable brand.

              Where to buy CBG oils? 

                We think the best place to purchase CBG online is at The CBD Haven of course, but we are a little bias.

                Such as:

                1. Lazarus Naturals - Classic 1:1 CBG + CBD Tincture
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                Besides CBG online, we offer a wide selection of:

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