The CBD Haven - Who We Are

The CBD Haven - Who We Are

As we are nearing our one-year anniversary here at The CBD Haven, we can’t help but reflect over everything that has happened in the last year. Even though it has officially been 12 months since we’ve been in business, the journey to get to where we are today has taken a much longer amount of time.

Our founders got introduced to CBD at the end of 2018, and to say that their lives haven’t been the same ever since would be an understatement.

Ever since legalization of hemp and hemp extracts with the 2018 Farm Bill, an entirely new industry was born.

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Although the FDA has not officially approved cannabidiol hemp extract to be used for anything other than seizure treatment, the vast majority of people use CBD for completely other reasons.

There’s a wide range of potential CBD benefits, and we wrote an entire blog on it. If you want to learn more check out our CBD Oil Benefits List blog.

From the moment we opened our CBD Online Shop our mission was simple. Provide people with quality, premium, best CBD oil brands at industry leading prices. We strongly believe in choice.


The ability to pick, choose, shop multiple and best CBD oil and products at one CBD store.

We also offer personalized service and advice, just send us a quick note. 

Why do we feel so strongly about giving our clients choice?

The answer is fairly straight forward.

Every one of us has a unique body that will respond differently to various types of CBD extract. Even oil that is the same spectrum might make you feel different from one brand to the other.

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It is also very important for us to educate people on cannabidiol hemp extract, so that they can see themselves just how great it can potentially be.

We’ve had plenty of clients come to us with questions and after a little trial and error found exactly what they were looking for.

It can be slightly tricky to get the best CBD oil just right. You need to consider the spectrum, the dosage, and sometime even the consumption method.

What seems very straight forward on paper, in actuality may take some time to get right.

This is exactly why we started Our CBD Blog. To teach our clients and visitors everything and anything about cannabidiol hemp extract.

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At The CBD Haven, we strongly believe in the life changing potential of CBD oil tincture.

We also understand that there’s potential to have a bad experience. For example, someone who has THC induced panic and tries full spectrum CBD oil tincture for stress management might actually cause their angst to increase.

They might not try the broad spectrum option and will miss out completely on something that can potentially help.

OK, time to get off our soap box and let you know exactly who we are.

We are a premium online e-commerce CBD store. We say premium because of how we treat our clients, and not because of the prices we charge.

Based in Chicago, IL , the company was founded in Nov 2019, but our store officially opened in Feb 2020.

We started with three brands.

As we grew so did our list of brands. We now also carry:

For an always updates brand selection, check out Our CBD Brands list.

We are sure these are CBD brands anyone can recognize.

All of these companies use 100% US Grown Hemp to make their naturals tinctures.

Hemp Farm Harvest

We want our clients to have access to the best and most complete CBD companies in the market. At industry leading prices.

This is also why we carry a full range of spectrums that is currently available. 

We offer:

We also carry CBC Products and CBG Products. CBN Products as well. 

We also carefully select what we offer on our CBD online store.

Just because we carry a certain brand, does not mean we carry every single product they produce.

For example, take a look at our Pet CBD Oil selection.

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While there are companies out there promoting bacon flavored treat, we only offer unflavored natural CBD tinctures.

This is because we believe in having only natural ingredients in our products. The lesser the amount of ingredients the better. 

Speaking of ingredients, we want to be as transparent as possible. This is why every product that we carry in our store comes with a Third Party Lab Testing and Certificate of Analysis.

We want to make sure you know exactly what you get.

Click here to review the Certificates of Analysis

Now to the actual CBD products. At The CBD Haven we carry a large selection of:

There is something in our CBD boutique for everyone.

We care deeply about providing you with the best, personalized experience every time you log on to buy CBD online.

Give us a try and you won’t be disappointed.

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Let’s talk price. At The CBD Haven, our goal is to provide you with industry leading, affordable CBD hemp oil for sale. Not only are our prices the best around, we offer a 15% DISCOUNT to everyone.

Just use code WELCOME15 to get 15% off your ENTIRE first purchase. No minimum or maximum. No product exceptions.

This discount applies even on our Sale Items.

We also offer FREE Shipping to all 50 U.S. States.

Once you make a purchase, we welcome you with open arms to our CBD Loyalty Club. This way you can get savings on every future purchase. It’s much better than counting points.

We also have a very responsive team, ready to assist you with all your questions. From dosage, to spectrums and brands, our professional team can recommend something for you, depending on your needs.

We are a 100% Digital Company, based in Chicago, IL.

We are excited to have you as a valued and trusted consumer. If there are any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us below:

For issues with current orders:

For issues with placing orders, payment options, or questions about any of our products:

Like a product, but don’t see it in our store.  We gladly take suggestions on which products you would like to recommend:

We will get back to you very quickly.

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We also wanted to thank our clients for the support we received in just the first 8 months of being open.

We are astonished at the growth we have experienced and the e-mails we receive.

Of course, we did have some issues as we were growing, but the dedication and personal care of our entire team helped us fix them immediately, to make sure our clients are always satisfied.

As we continue to grow, our goal is to maintain the personal touch on every single order.

Thank you for the support, and we hope to see you again.