Lazarus Naturals Review

Lazarus Naturals Review

At The CBD Haven, we like to consider ourselves connoisseurs of fine CBD. To us, looking for quality products, from reliable brands who deliver exactly what they promise is magical. Like a treasure hunt.

So if you’re looking to buy CBD online, check out our carefully chosen selection of premium brands, and best-selling products.

This is one of the reasons we are very selective about the brands we work with. We know what it’s like to spend time looking for the perfect CBD product to include in your regiment.

First, you need to make sure you try and pick the right spectrum that works for you. You consider full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate.

Then you take your time picking the right strength, and dosage that gives you exactly what you’re looking for.

Finally, the taste and delivery method. CBD brands have become very creative with their flavorings. Like this Lazarus Naturals Full Spectrum High Potency Chocolate Mint Tincture.

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It’s like a party in your mouth.

We know what it’s like when you finally find the right combination, from a reliable brand. You stick with it. You want to know that when your supplies are running low, the brand will still be there to help you live your happy life.

Let us introduce you to one such brand.

Lazarus Naturals

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Lazarus Naturals have been around since 2014, which is a full 4 years before the Federal legalization and reclassification of hemp in the 2018 Farm Bill.

Let’s take a closer look at who Lazarus Naturals is, and why we think they’re a great company that offers fantastic products.

  1. What is Lazarus Naturals?

  2. Where is Lazarus Naturals located?

  3. Is Lazarus Naturals Legit?

  4. Is Lazarus Naturals Full Spectrum?

  5. Is Lazarus Naturals Organic?

  6. Where can I buy Lazarus Naturals?

  7. Lazarus Naturals Coupon

Grab your CBD Chocolate Mint Latte and get ready to learn.

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What is Lazarus Naturals?

Lazarus Naturals is a premium CBD brand. They were founded in 2014 on a belief that quality CBD products should be accessible to those who need them most.

They are an employee-owned company, which is pretty amazing.

Led by Sequoia Price-Lazarus, their mission is to produce high-quality CBD products that are affordable.

Lazarus Naturals offers a large variety of products including tinctures, capsules, pet products and topicals.

Where is Lazarus Naturals located?

Lazarus Naturals is headquartered out of Portland, OR. That’s where their offices are located. Lazarus Naturals is actually somewhat unique in the fact that they own their own hemp farms. Lazarus Farms are located in Oregon as well. More specifically in the High Desert of Central Oregon.

Lazarus Naturals Farms 

Having full control of their own crops, makes this CBD brand able to produce incredibly phenomenal and consistent product. They don’t have to rely on getting their cannabidiol from other suppliers, meaning they have much tighter controls over quality.

It shows in their products.

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Is Lazarus Naturals Legit?

Very much so. Lazarus Naturals is a transparent, trustworthy company, that goes above and beyond to provide quality products. Having been in the CBD industry for over six years, means they are one of the original pioneers. They have a full range of incredible products in full spectrum and THC Free CBD Isolate.

They are also members of industry leading hemp associations, including:

Among others.

With this kind of accreditation, Lazarus Naturals is legit.

They also offer Third Party Lab Testing for all their products. For products carried by The CBD Haven, please check out the Lazarus Naturals Certificates of Analysis page.

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Is Lazarus Naturals Full Spectrum? 

It can be.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Tincture comes in two different spectrums, depending on what you are looking for.

If you are looking for the benefits of full spectrum CBD, including the entourage effect, Lazarus Naturals Full Spectrum tinctures are for you.

Try this Lazarus Naturals Classic High Potency Full Spectrum CBD Tincture. If you’re looking to jazz up your flavor pallet a bit, you cannot go wrong with this Lazarus Naturals Chocolate Mint Flavored High Potency Full Spectrum CBD.

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When we say High Potency, we mean that each dropper contains 50mg of CBD per 1ml.

If you’re looking for a THC-Free option, you should consider the Lazarus Naturals Flavorless High Potency CBD Isolate Tincture.

This product also contains 50mg of CBD per 1ml.

Check out our CBD Spectrums Blog, if you want to learn more about the differences between the 3 main spectrums.

Is Lazarus Naturals Organic?

It will be soon. Currently it is 100% US Grown Hemp, on Lazarus Naturals very own farms in Oregon. It is Non-GMO and Vegan.

In order for a product to be fully certified organic, it not only has to be from organic seeds, but planted and grown in organic soil. Lazarus Naturals is currently employing sustainable farming methods and they are very careful in controlling what goes into the land so that their fields and farms will be fully certified organic by 2022.

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If you think about it, this company is spending an incredible amount of time, effort and money, into providing you with a top-notch product. No wonder they are one of the fastest growing CBD brands in the industry.

And the competition is stiff.

Where can I buy Lazarus Naturals?

If you’re looking for Lazarus Naturals on Amazon, good luck. Currently Amazon does not carry any quality CBD brands, due to sensitivity of hemp sales in the United States. They do carry some hemp oils, but those are not the same.

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At The CBD Haven, we offer a selection of Lazarus Naturals products, with our list and line-up constantly growing. Make sure you check back often.

You also have the option of exploring all of our fully vetted, premium brands.

Lazarus Naturals Coupon

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