What is CBD?  5 FAQ's answered for CBD Beginners.

What is CBD? 5 FAQ's answered for CBD Beginners.

CBD is everywhere now.  It’s in stores, restaurants, cafés, gyms, and you can even buy CBD online

But have you ever wondered exactly what it is, and why it’s quickly becoming the hottest thing since plant based diets?

     1. CBWhat??

CBD.  The three hottest letters in the alphabet right now. 

CBD 3D Model

Walk into a coffee shop and for $5 you can get a shot of CBD with your latte. 

At the local artisan bakery, you can buy your chocolate chip cookies, baked with CBD oil.

Your local gym sells topical creams with CBD for the athlete in you.  Same thing in Whole Foods. 

Your pets can get in on the action as well with specially formulated CBD Tinctures for pets

Stolie CBD

Celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon as well, many starting their own line of CBD products, or endorsing an existing company. 

Jump online, and you literally have thousands of brands to choose from. 

And not just brands, but also varieties.  The three main varieties of CBD online are:

just to name a few.

2. But what exactly is CBD?

According to Wikipedia, CBD stands for Cannabidiol, and it’s one of 113 known molecules that is synthesized by the cannabis plant. 

Cannabis Plant

It is non-psychoactive, unlike it’s better known phytocannabinoid cousin THC.  Which means it won’t get you high.  That is if the CBD is extracted from hemp. 

In order to be legal, hemp extracted CBD cannot contain more than 0.3% THC by dry weight. This was established in the 2018 Farm Bill. 

It’s very important to note that CBD which is extracted from marijuana, is still illegal and remains a Schedule I Controlled Substance.

     3. What does CBD do?

CBD acts on the cannabinoid receptors that are a part of your endocannabinoid system (ECS).  That is the system tasked with promoting homeostasis in your body. 

Scientists are still uncertain as to the full function of the ECS, however thus far they realize it has a function in regulating sleep, mood, appetite, chronic pain, learning and memory, stress, and muscle formation to name a few. 

     4. How do I take CBD? 

There are multiple options in the marketplace. The most popular being CBD Oils & Tinctures that are applied either sublingually or dropped into your coffee or cookie dough/salad dressing/sauce (whatever). 

You can vape CBD, using the proper e-juice or vape pen.  You can rub yourself silly with different topical options. 

There are gummies and softgels

There are bath bombs. 

There are sprays

You can even get specially formulated oils and tinctures for your furry family members. 

The options are almost limitless.

     5. Is CBD right for me?

That is a personal question and one that will take some time and research on your part.  You can do your own research on the benefits of CBD and what uses it might have in your life. 

Please keep in mind no definitive and significant research has been done to prove its’ effectiveness.  Many of these studies are now underway, but it will take time.

It’s also important to note that there are a lot of brands out there, and not everyone is looking out for your best interest.  If you buy a $10 bottle of CBD oil at a gas station, chances are you’re not getting high quality CBD.

There’s a strong probability that you will get more filler chemicals that might actually harm you rather than help you.  Keep in mind CBD products are still not regulated by the FDA. 

We recommend you go with a higher quality brand that has easily available Third Party Certificates of Analysis.  This way you can easily see exactly what is in the product you will be putting in your body.

It’s also very important to decide on the right type of CBD variety.  As mentioned earlier the three main and widely available to buy CBD online are:

We will discuss the differences in a future blog, for now keep in mind the following.  Full Spectrum CBD contains <0.3% THC.  Broad Spectrum and CBD Isolate are THC Free. 

If you’re worried about passing a drug test at work, or you have THC induced anxiety, you might only want to consider the THC Free options.

Finally, you need to decide how you want to get your CBD on.  You can buy CBD:

just to name a few options. 

Whatever option you choose, make sure taking it becomes a habit to get the most benefits.  All products have the manufacturers “Recommended Use” on the labels, so be sure to follow their suggestions.

We hope you enjoyed our first blog!! 

We plan to update our blog fairly frequently to help answer any and all of your questions or concerns and keep you educated on CBD. 

Feel free to send us a note to: support@thecbdhaven.com, with a suggestion or question on what you’d like to see in our future blog posts. 

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