Plus CBD Oil Review

Plus CBD Oil Review

Plus CBD Oil is one of America’s best selling CBD companies, and that got us intrigued. After all, there are hundreds if not thousands of CBD brands out there. How does one company differentiate itself from so many others?

Especially with how easy it is to shop CBD online.

That’s what we wanted to find out.

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In this Plus CBD Oil review, we will dig a little deeper into who they are, what they stand for, and why they as beloved as they are.

CBD is an extract from a hemp plant. Hemp is part of the cannabis plant family, that has a THC content of 0.3% or lower, as defined by the 2018 Farm Bill. To learn more about CBD, please check out our What Is CBD Blog.

There is still some stigma around CBD, with people thinking it is marijuana. CBD is not marijuana. It is a single compound found in a hemp plant from the cannabis family.

Marijuana is a type of plant in the cannabis family, that is high in THC.

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Even so, CBD is going mainstream rather quickly. Thanks to companies such as CV Sciences Plus CBD Oil, who not only manufacture high quality cannabidiol products but also educate the public, the stigma is going away.

According to Forbes, the CBD market could reach $20 Billion by 2024, in the U.S. alone.

This is why we think that what Plus CBD Oil is doing is impressive, and wanted to introduce you to this wonderful company.

  1. Who is Plus CBD Oil?

  2. Where is Plus CBD Oil located?

  3. Is Plus CBD Oil a legitimate business?

  4. Is Plus CBD Oil full spectrum?

  5. Can plus CBD oil get you high?

  6. Does Plus CBD oil contain terpenes?

  7. Where can I buy Plus CBD Oil?

  8. Plus CBD Oil Coupon Code

Let’s start simple.

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Who is Plus CBD Oil?

Plus CBD Oil is a premium manufacturer of consumer CBD products owned by CV Sciences. CV Sciences operates two distinct divisions, one for mainstream CBD products, the other concentrating on CBD Pharmaceuticals.

CV Sciences Plus CBD Oil is currently going through a brand refresh, to ensure the brand mission statement is featured.

“Our mission is to improve quality of life through nature and science – and the results speak for themselves. This is health transformed.”

The CBD Haven collection of Plus CBD Oil products will grow, as new products are introduced. 

Where is Plus CBD Oil located?

Plus CBD Oil is located in San Diego, CA

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Is Plus CBD Oil a legitimate business?

Very much so. CV Sciences, which heads up Plus CBD Oil is a publicly traded company, trading under the stock symbol CVSI.

The company includes such subsidiaries as US Hemp Oil, LLC, Plus CBD, LLC, and CannaVest Europe, GmbH.

Can’t get more legit than Plus CBD Oil.       

They have been around since 2012, which is 6 years before the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp on the Federal level in the United States.

That means this company is one of the founding companies and pioneers of entire CBD industry.

They also offer what Plus CBD Oil calls Vertically Integrated Traceability, which is full traceability. Meaning you can trace the products you buy from Seed to Shelf.

From Seed to Shelf 

Pretty incredible.

Is Plus CBD Oil full spectrum?

All Plus CBD Oil products are made with full spectrum hemp extract.

There are currently three main types of CBD spectrum in the market.

  1. Full spectrum CBD – can contain up to 0.3% THC by dry weight.
  2. Broad Spectrum CBD – THC Free
  3. CBD Isolate – THC Free

There are more differences in the spectrums than just THC content, so please check out our CBD Spectrums Blog if you’d like to learn more.

Can Plus CBD Oil get you high?

This question deserves a little explanation along with the answer.

Cannabidiol will not get you high. It is a non-psychoactive compound that will not give you any sort of a high. Unlike THC, which is known for the high and euphoric properties.

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However, Plus CBD Oil contains full spectrum CBD extract which can have up to 0.3% THC. So will that get you high?

Absolutely not. 0.3% THC is nowhere near enough for you to notice any effects.

So there’s no need to stock up on Cheetos when including full spectrum hemp extract in your daily wellness routine.

However, it may result in a failed drug test.

Each one of us responds to what we put into our bodies differently. While full spectrum extract will not get you high, with prolonged usage, your body may build up the THC compound, causing it to show up on a drug test.

Does Plus CBD oil contain terpenes?

Plus CBD Oil is a full spectrum extract and contains all the cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant.

What’s more, Plus CBD Oil claims their products are superior because of their ingredients and growth practices.

“What makes our CBD products superior? The ingredients. We start with a full spectrum extract made from true agricultural hemp grown using only soil, water, and sunlight. True hemp extract contains not only the CBD, minor cannabinoids and terpenes that make this plant so beneficial for health, but it’s packed with the fatty acids that our brain and bodies use to produce our own endocannabinoids.”

Where can I buy Plus CBD Oil?

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If you’re looking to buy Plus CBD Oil products you won’t find them on Amazon, Target or Walmart.

No quality hemp extract products can be found there.

At The CBD Haven, we carry a large selection of America’s Most Trusted brands, including Plus CBD Oil.

All products on The CBD Haven are Third Party Tested, and the Certificates of Analysis and Lab Results can be found here.

Plus CBD Oil Coupon Code

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The code is valid for first time purchase only.

There are no purchase minimums or brand restrictions, so you can shop knowing you will get the best pricing available.

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