Social CBD Review

Social CBD Review

In our never-ending quest to bring you the best brands in the CBD industry, we often rely on our clients who buy CBD online from The CBD Haven to find a new reliable brand to carry on our CBD platform. After all, it is the actual CBD users that try out a brand and either love it, or don’t care for it too much.

In recent months, no other CBD brand has come up more in our client discussions than Social CBD. People simply love their products. They also love the fact that the entire Social CBD line is THC free.

Obviously, we wanted to learn more.

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If you’re looking at a review of a CBD brand, we assume you are already fairly knowledgeable about CBD and what it is.

However, there are still some folks out there who are just learning about CBD and the potential benefits it has to improve their daily lives.

On a macro level, CBD is one of over 100 compounds that helps to make up the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant has 2 major varieties, hemp and marijuana.

As per the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp has been legalized on a Federal level. It was also defined as a form of cannabis plant with THC content of 0.3% or lower.

Hemp Cannabis Sativa

That distinction is key, as this ensures that hemp extracted CBD will not get you high. 0.3% THC by dry weight is nowhere near the amount of THC needed to give you a psychoactive reaction.

There are currently 3 main types of hemp extracted CBD oil for sale in the market:

  1. Full Spectrum CBD (up to 0.3% THC)
  2. Broad Spectrum CBD (THC Free)
  3. CBD Isolate (THC Free)

Social CBD offers broad spectrum and CBD isolate products. They do not produce any full spectrum oil.

If you’d like to learn more please browse our detailed blog for additional details.

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In this Social CBD Review blog, we will introduce you to this amazing company and tell you why they are quickly amassing a large following of loyal clients.

The questions we’ll cover are:

  1. Select CBD vs Social CBD

  2. Where is Social CBD located?

  3. Is Social CBD legit?

  4. Does Social CBD have THC?

  5. Social CBD promo code/coupon code

  6. Social CBD near me

Grab a Social CBD Chill Gummy and enjoy.

Select CBD vs Social CBD

We wanted to cover this topic, because some people were very confused about the two separate brands. Labels looked the same. Flavors and strengths matched. So what is the difference?

We started to do some digging.

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Social CBD, owned by Sentia Wellness, used to sell their products under the Select CBD name. This was changed in late 2019, as Social CBD was created to provide 100% THC free products.

Other than a name change, not much has changed. The products still come in the recognizable teal boxes, and the big letter “S” is still on the packaging.

Social CBD Unflavored Isolate Drops - 2000mg 

More important, the formula for their cannabidiol extract has not changed. You can still enjoy the same quality product, just under a different name.

Where is Social CBD located?

Social CBD is owned by Kadenwood Brands and they are located in Portland, OR. It’s a company that believes in not just providing top tier quality CBD products, but also do to so at an affordable price.

They also believe in educating their clients about all the benefits of not only hemp but hemp extracted CBD as well. They offer 100% Plant Based Phyto-Nutrient Rich products that are Third Party Tested, and give no ambiguity, just purity.

You honestly can’t go wrong with their products.

Is Social CBD legit?

Very much so. They have the strong financial backing of Kadenwood Brands. They have a commitment to offering Pure & Clean products accurately and consistently. They pride themselves on delivering the same quality product each and every time.

Which is very refreshing, as CBD content can vary from one batch to another.

This is also why they offer Third Party Certificates of Analysis for all their CBD products.

For any and all Social CBD products sold on The CBD Haven, you can easily find Third Party Certificates of Analysis here.

If that doesn’t convince you that Social CBD is legit, consider the fact that theyrecently partnered up with Sports Illustrated, to produce and distribute Sports Illustrated branded CBD-infused topicals.

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Can’t get more legit than partnering up with Sports Illustrated.

Does Social CBD have THC?

Wondering if Social CBD has THC? That’s a valid question. After all, full spectrum CBD oil can contain up to 0.3% THC by dry weight.

Luckily for us, there are other types of CBD extracts on the market, besides full spectrum.

There are two spectrums of CBD that are THC Free. They are Broad Spectrum and CBD isolate. If you want to learn more about the different CBD spectrums, head over to our blog for more detailed information.

Social CBD only offers Broad Spectrum and CBD isolate products. Therefore, they are a 100% THC Free CBD brand.

Pretty incredible.

Social CBD promo code/coupon code

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Looking for Social CBD promo code, look no further. When shopping for CBD online, The CBD Haven offers a 15% discount on your entire first purchase, when you use code WELCOME15 at checkout. No product exceptions.

Which means there's no need to look any further. You can get your Social CBD discount right here, on a large selection of their products. No better time to stock up.

Social CBD near me

If you’re looking for quality Social CBD products at Target, Walmart or Amazon, you will be disappointed. You cannot purchase them there. At The CBD Haven we offer a large assortment of quality Social CBD products, at industry leading prices.

We offer fast, free shipping to all 50 U.S. States, on all of our orders.

We hope you found this BLOG beneficial and learned a little about this wonderful brand. They have a very strong following and are constantly growing.

With our product selection and affordable prices, why not give them a try.