Why CBD Does Not Work?

Why CBD Does Not Work?

Tried CBD yet? It appears like everyone has. It seems to be everywhere. More and more people are trying cannabidiol hemp extract, especially since learning about it and how to take CBD oil from their loved ones.

As CBD oil consumption continues to grow, so does a loyal fanbase.

There are reviews popping up everywhere, claiming life changing results. Some CBD benefits seem to include angst relief, discomfort management, help dealing with inflammation, and an increase in slumber quality.

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With natural, non-habit-forming benefits like that, why wouldn’t you.

It sounds amazing right.

You wonder what the hype is all about.

You wonder does CBD oil work and decide to try it for yourself. You do your research, order CBD online and get excited to see what it can do for you.

You take your first dose than the second, third fourth, and CBD does nothing.

Or, what if you start taking CBD and it changes your life. Your stress levels go down. You have less discomfort and inflammation. You sleep better.

Overtime, you realize your response is slowly changing and then you notice CBD oil not working anymore.

That’s why at The CBD Haven, we wanted to cover this topic. While it’s in the minority, there are some people for whom CBD does not work.

There are also some people for whom cannabidiol hemp extract worked wonders, but eventually stopped.

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Since there’s still not enough scientific studies to fully explain how and why CBD works, we will discuss what we do know. We will answer some of the most common questions we get from people who tried CBD and it did nothing, or from people who used hemp extract oil and it did work, then suddenly stopped.

We’ll try our best to tackle the following concerns:

  1. Why CBD does not work?

  2. Why does CBD work for some but not for me?

  3. Why is CBD oil not working anymore?

We are writing this blog based on the assumption that you already have some basic knowledge on cannabidiol. You are aware of the three main spectrums, full spectrum, broad spectrum and CBD isolate, and the differences between them.

If you need some brushing up, check out our introductory blog on What is CBD?

So, without further ado.

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Why CBD does not work?

Everyone you know is on a CBD wellness plan and keeps telling you how much better their quality of life has gotten since they started. So you decide to purchase CBD online and give it a try.

You do a little bit of research, set your mind on the spectrum and brand and go for it. Day one, you don’t notice a difference, day two still nada.

By the end of the week you just get frustrated, start believing that CBD is snake oil and doesn’t work and give up.

Sound familiar?

You start to wonder why isn’t CBD working for me?

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There could be a number of reasons. One of the main ones is the actual oil you are using.

Make sure any CBD online purchase comes from a reputable source, and the brand or brands they carry provide you with Third Party Lab Analysis. So that you know what you’re getting.

The $9.99 per bottle gas station CBD is as good as their sushi.

Instead, you should purchase quality brands from well established companies such as:

Another reason could be that you are using a dosage that is too low, or that your body needs to build up cannabidiol before responding.

Best way to find the proper dosage is to start low, take it consistently, twice a day for at least five to seven days while keeping a journal of your results.

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For instance, start with this Relive Everyday Hemp Extract CBD Level 1 (600mg). After a week increase your dosage. Continue same routine for another week at the higher levels and reassess. You might need to change your oil to the Relive Everyday Hemp Extract CBD Level 2 (1,200mg), or Level 3 (1,800mg), next time you’re buying CBD online.

You could also be using the wrong spectrum. For additional information on spectrum types, brush up on our CBD Spectrums Blog.

Let’s say you get started with this CBDistillery 1000mg THC-Free Pure CBD Isolate oil. While CBD isolate might work for some, it might not work for you. You might need to change it up to the CBDistillery 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, or even the CBDistillery 2500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

Make sure you keep your journal and jot down observations on how you feel.

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The point is, getting the right dosage and spectrum is an art form, and will take some time.

You might also need to change how you’re taking your CBD. There are many different ways you can administer hemp extract cannabidiol oil. Some of the most popular ones include:

Not all ways are created equal, as the bioavailability changes with the different type of delivery method. What we mean by bioavailability is how much of the CBD actually gets absorbed into your bloodstream.

If you started your CBD wellness journey with CBD gummies like these ReAssure Hemp Extract Vegan CBD Gummies by Relive Everyday, but are not feeling the results, you might need to switch to CBD oil. For you, CBD gummies will not work.

Finally, CBD might just simply not work for you.

Why does CBD work for some but not for me?

While most users should experience some results from starting a cannabidiol routine, there are some that will not. Why hemp based CBD does not work for these individuals varies. We each respond differently to anything we put in our body.

Some will have a poor absorption rate. Some will have a metabolism that will not respond. There can even be some genetics involved.

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Why is CBD oil not working anymore?

In some cases, individuals can find that cannabidiol oil stops working after a lengthy period of use. This could be for a couple reasons.

First, as with anything else, CBD does have a certain shelf life. It is typically 12 to 18 months. So please make sure the oil you’re using is not expired. It’s also important to keep the oil in regular room temperatures.

You don’t need to necessarily refrigerate it, but please ensure you’re not keeping your oil in temperatures above 80F.

Second, you could potentially build up a tolerance. There’s currently debate in the scientific community as some believe CBD actually has the opposite effect, meaning it can produce reverse tolerance.

Either way, the good news is that CBD has already worked for you before, so there are very good chances it will do so again. There are two main ways to accomplish this.

  • Increase your dosage. If you build up a tolerance, you will need more of the oil to get the same desired effect. Again, make sure you keep a journal of your experiences, with dosage levels, so that you can work your way back to the sweet spot.
  • Take a break. If you build up a tolerance and CBD no longer produces the same effect take a week or two off. Let your body work through the rest of the cannabidiol in the system and reduce any possible tolerance you have built up.

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As you can see, this is not as simple of an issue as some make it out to be. It will take some time to figure out if/why CBD does not work for you.

We at The CBD Haven hope you found this helpful and are here to assist with any questions you might have.

We hope to see you soon.